Welcome from Ciarán Lynch TD for Cork South Central

Welcome to my website. I hope you will find it useful.

Over the last few years I have been listening to two groups of people. 
As Chairman of the Banking Inquiry I listened to those involved in the 
banking crisis, their stories, explanations, and apologies.

The other group I have listened to is the people of Cork South Central. 
Their stories are different.  They are about hardship, endurance and the 
personal cost to them and to their families.

However, Cork South Central is not the same as it was five years ago, 
when I was re-elected to represent the constituency. Living standards are gradually improving. For example, in the last year 14,000 Cork 
people have returned to work.

This General Election is no time to gamble. Once was enough. Re-electing 
the current government will mean that the work which we have started can 

Labour has one goal. Having restored our public finances, we must 
continue our work in improving people’s lives 

Labour’s ambition for the recovery differs from other parties. We want to prioritise investment in public services over blanket tax breaks for the wealthy.

This will build upon the work Labour has done in government:

•           in establishing the Low Pay Commission

•           restoring and increasing the Minimum Wage

•           in ensuring the Marriage Equality Referendum was held 

•           in carrying out the most substantial school building programme

But the recovery is not just about bricks and mortar – for example, for teachers and other public servants.  If Labour is not in government there is no guarantee that the FEMPI legislation will be honoured and public sector workers will see a restoration of their pay and conditions.

Labour’s plans for the USC are the most progressive and fairest, ensuring individuals and households earning under €72,000 are exempt from the USC.

Labour’s housing policy is about putting people into houses, not putting money into the pockets of speculators.  

I am committed to the hard work necessary to make our community a better 
and fairer place in which to live and raise a family.

With your support I will continue this work and that is why I am asking 
for your No 1 vote.

Since 2007 I have proudly represented all of the people of Cork South 
Central, and if re-elected I look forward to helping you with the issues 
that matter most to you.

I believe that the present challenging period is a time of immense 
potential and possibility; a time of commitment and collaboration when 
working together means a better life for everyone.

I have always believed in hard work and have done so tirelessly, working 
to restore stability and growth, to improve vital public services, to 
make our community a better and fairer place in which to live and raise 
a family. If I am re-elected by the people of Cork South Central in the 
upcoming election I will redouble my efforts on your behalf.

Background & Experience

Ciarán comes from a strong political background.  His sister-in-law is 
one of Labour's other Cork representatives Minister Kathleen Lynch TD; 
his sister is a former Lord Mayor of Cork and City Councillor, Catherine 

Ciarán studied Education Management and Social Studies (at WIT and UCC 
respectively).  Before becoming a full-time politician, he worked as an 
Adult Literacy Organiser for the City of Cork VEC (now the Cork ETB or 
Education and Training Board).   He retains a very strong commitment to 
higher attainment and progression for adults in education.  In 2004, 
Ciarán was elected to Cork City Council. In 2007 he was elected to the 
Dáil and he was re-elected in 2011.

He grew up in Ballyphehane and his strong roots there remain important 
to him: “There is a very strong sense of community spirit in the 
Ballyphehane/Turner’s Cross area which arises from an established 
tradition of community and voluntary work and which continues to this day.”

Ciarán opened his constituency office in Douglas when first elected to the Dáil in 2007.

Meeting the social and economic needs of this rapidly expanding suburban area is a significant concern for him, and he supports the expansion of the Cork City boundary.

During his first term in the Dáil he was Labour Party spokesperson on 
Housing. Since he was elected to government in 2011, he has served as 
Chairman of the Committee on Transport and the Environment, as Chairman 
of the Committee on Finance and Public Expenditure and most recently as 
Chairman of the Joint Committee of Inquiry into the Banking Crisis.